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Doesn’t matter if you are using Jenkins, CircleCI, Gitlab CI, or Bitbucket Pipelines. The CI/CD process is one of the most important steps in software development and if it takes a long time it may frustrate the developers. It’s a good practice to optimize these processes so they execute faster and don’t make your team waiting. In this article, I will present some basic steps you can perform to improve your pipeline’s speed and don’t require many changes in your project.

Of course, each technology requires its own steps in the CI/CD process and this article can’t be universal. As…

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First off I would like to highlight that I am not an expert in data encryption, hence, this article will be a simple tutorial not going into technical and cryptographic details to much. I am giving examples from Arch Linux, but most of the instruction will work on any Linux distribution.

I was recently interested more into privacy and security matters and I realized that in case my laptop gets stolen I could actually loose a lot of my data. And I mean personal data not photos and movies from holidays. Without the hard drive encryption anyone can run a…

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A while ago I had a pleasure to work on a migration of a big monolithic system to a more fail-safe architecture. One of the important parts of the system was the server-side jobs that were scheduled with Cron. In total there were around 100 commands that were running with a different frequencies. The problem was that now all the system, as well as the Cron jobs, were supposed to run on two load-balanced servers. We had to find a solution not to duplicate the server-side tasks using the new architecture. In the following article I will present the approach…

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Web Developer (PHP, Node, APIs), 100% FOSS. Settled in Barcelona, Spain.

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